Training is definitely daunting in the winter months. Just think about the cold, wet and dreary surroundings that you have to wade through. But, these things should not be reason enough for you to just pamper yourself at home, spend more time in bed and indulge in an eating binge. Below are three main reasons NOT to slack off in your winter training:

You will burn more calories

During the winter season you will most likely find yourself being easily drawn into eating foods that contain high calories and before you know it you are already gaining that excess poundage. What many people do not know is that winter is the perfect time to go training because when the weather is cold, your body will have improved metabolism as it tries its best to burn more calories in order to keep you warm. Therefore, if you want to continue losing weight and keep it off, never stop your training regimen during winter. Remember that you have to look fit and healthy before summer time comes. So, if you just pamper yourself this winter by not staying active chances are you will not be in perfect shape for your summer getaways. 

You will have better mood

Research reveals that the cold season increases some people’s risk for depression. There is just something about the cold weather that makes them feel sad and depressed. If you do not want to be like other people who feel blue this winter season, better continue your training regimen and you will find yourself feeling so much better than those who refuse to stay active. The reason for this is that when you train, it will become easier for your body to continue producing those feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Besides, training also stimulates your parasympathetic system which will also lead to increased production of serotonin and dopamine which are neurotransmitters that play a crucial role in making you feel happy. 

You will have improved muscular and cardiovascular health

If you stop training this winter your body will also tend to hibernate. In other words, your muscles atrophy while your metabolism will also slow down. The best thing about training in winter is that it is so much easier to lose that heat that your body produces while training. Since the environment is cold your body does not have to suffer from extra heat stress that you usually experience when training in summer. Without the extra heat, you will have one less thing to worry when you want to stay active despite the cold weather. Add to that the fact that it is also easier for you to train your cardiovascular system harder and give your muscular system that extra push as you also exert more speed in your training. The result would be improved cardiovascular system and greater muscular endurance.