Do you desire to live longer, have more energy or feel better? Then, look no further than working out. The health benefits associated with exercise cannot be ignored. This is especially in women of all ages, sizes and shapes as they gain from a moderate amount of exercise. Physical activity and exercise can be a fun way for people to spend quality time together. It gives you the opportunity to do something you like, enjoy the outdoors or unwind.

In simple terms, exercise is a great way to have fun, acquire health benefits and feel better. Make it a routine to engage in physical activity a couple of times a week.

Some of the health benefits of exercise include:

·        Improves mood

·        It combats diseases and health conditions

·        Boosts energy

·        Helps to control weight

·        It is a good way to have fun

The recent campaign from Sport England is a great campaign to get women and girls moving again.