Obesity has become a nationwide problem these days and people are becoming more aware and are taking more steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

But, most of them complain about not having weight loss or regaining weight faster after quick weight loss.  Keep in Mind – “There is no quick fix for your body weight”. One should always target long lasting weight loss. Setting such a goal will help you be in shape for longer period and makes you mentally stronger.  I will discuss diet in a later blog.

To achieve a fit and strong body, start to follow these 4 mantras in life. 

·         Training: Interval, Hill & Weights: If you wish to have a healthy weight loss and toned body, adopting High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will work best for you. This workout strategy is for those who are facing weight problems or not able to lose weight even after exercising rigorously. HIIT workout will help you achieve to get a more toned and healthy body, all you need is some motivation, a personal trainer or join a group training to get your fitness routine started. Practising HIIT workout with body weight training sessions makes your core, arms and legs stronger. Also, it improves your body balance, lungs and cardiac strength. If your exercise regime at the moment is giving you “steady state”, it’s time to switch to HIIT exercise.

·         Eat green: Consuming green vegetables will not only help you lose weight but give your body adequate nourishment to remain healthy for longer time. Vegetables consists of a natural coloured pigment called chlorophyll. Eating courgette, green onions, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, peas, celery, artichokes, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, green beans, kale, broccoli, and cabbage will give your body adequate amount of fiber that keeps your stomach full for a longer time. Most of the people confuse the feeling of empty stomach with hunger. By eating vegetables, the fiber makes us feel full for longer. Also, it detoxifies and removes unwanted fat from the body.

·         Kill Refined Sugar - Eat Carbs and Proteins: Eating sugar might give you happiness for a moment but it won’t give you the weight loss you desire. Refined sugar contains fructose which gets deposited in your liver and later on turns into fat. If you wish to lose weight, cut down your sugar and start taking protein and carb rich diet. Studies shows that consuming protein rich diet will curb your hunger up to 60%. If your target is to lose belly fat, try going for a healthy protein and carb rich diet and cut down refined sugar from your shopping list completely.

·         Water All Day: While in school, you came across the information that your body formation contains 60% water. The basic function of our body like digestion, distribution of nutrients, absorption, cleansing, and body temperature is done by water in our body. So, if you are having any problem with your body, take a note on how much water you drink in a day. Water not only cleanses your body but also helps you lose extra weight. Do you know that a glass of water can control your hunger pangs? A glass of water can control midday snack cravings, imagine what 12 glasses in a day would do to your body.

These 4 simple rules are some of the most important points for having a long lasting weight loss and healthy body. Start practising them today.