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Training Maureen Freelink | Specialist in Female Fitness


Training Maureen Freelink | Specialist in Female Fitness

 One-to-one sessions

Whether you want to lose weight, have just had a baby and want to get back in shape, have not exercised for years, would like to run a marathon or improve your current fitness level – this is the right place for you! The location of training sessions is flexible according to your needs and the type of training. It can be outdoors or in your own home.

Running coaching

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner I offer individual and group running programs. I improve your running technique in combination with body weight exercises to make you stronger, interval training and a running training program geared to reach your running goal.

Circuit training/High Intensity Interval Training

Circuit training is a great way to improve your muscle endurance, stamina and core stability by using a mix of techniques to push your limits. Don’t worry: it isn't just for the super fit! So, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, pregnant, a new mum trying to get in shape, twenty or seventy years old: it’s about training together and getting fit!

Buggy Fitness

The ultimate social work out for mothers and their children in a buggy. This is the best way to get back in shape after you’ve just had a baby. We will create a special program that suits your needs, interests and fitness ability and gets you back into your favourite dress and to a whole new level of fitness.

Exercise Referral

One-to-one sessions or small group training are available for those with existing health conditions who have decided to lead a healthier lifestyle or have been advised to do so by their doctor. Exercise will improve your physical ability and can reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and depression.

Online Training

For many people, online coaching is more a practical option. For those who can’t join one of the group sessions or just prefer working out by themselves. I can create a tailored online program, designed to suit your needs.


I offer advice on making the best choice regarding nutrition that ensures you maintain an essential balance between food intake and exercise enabling increased fitness goals, body toning and fat-loss.


Pricing & Location

Pricing & Location


Pricing & Location

Pricing & Location


With growing awareness about the importance of proper diet, leading an active lifestyle and the problems that being overweight can lead to, the demand for personal trainers is increasing. Both children and adults often need to improve their lifestyle by paying attention to both nutrition and exercise to live longer, healthier lives.

One-to-one Training:

You can opt for one to one personal training sessions

Single session €75

Introduction package 5 trainings including intake €325 (valid for one month)

Packages for a minimum of 3 months including training schedule, based on 4 weeks.

1 training a week €260  

2 trainings a week €480

Running & Strength €340 - small group training Monday 1930 Beatrix park and 1 Personal Training a week.

On-Line Coaching via Skype €30 (30 minutes) €60 (60 minutes) coaching available for all your weight loss/fitness/ training schedules or other related questions.

Business & Sport  Running/Bootcamp/Fitness in house for Companies from €125.


Weight loss  € 490 - 7 training sessions including nutritional advice, food diary, training schedules, weekly weigh in & on line support.

If you have any queries, if you're looking for a tailor made package or want to book a free intake please get in touch. All prices are inclusive of 21% VAT.


Group Training:

Group training sessions are available, you can either join an existing group or create your own group with friends or family to share the cost. Exercising with others can be a lot of fun. It not only motivates people to achieve their goals but also pushes them when they exercise with friends of family. It's fun to coach group training because I can help so many people get back in shape and resume a healthier lifestyle. 

Group training prices per person 2- €37,50 pp/ 3 - €30 pp/ 4 - €25 pp - 5 people or more €20 pp

Female FitnessTraining groups in the area of Amsterdam: 

come and join

RUNNING & STRENGTH Monday  1930  Beatrixpark Intermediate 

                                       CARDIO & STRENGTH Tuesday 1930 Beatrixpark All levels

RUNNING & STRENGTH Wednesday 0900 Amsterdamse bos




I am situated in Amsterdam, training sessions are outdoors in the parks of Amsterdam and I also offer training sessions in or near your home throughout Amsterdam & the surrounding area. The prices mentioned are exclusive of travel. Depending on requirements and location, prices may change. Do get in touch for all enquiries.




What Clients Say


I have not enough words for this fantastic personal trainer. After a major surgery I was looking for someone who was able to guide me through a delicate process and Maureen has been superb! I have been an athlete myself and I can say that she knows exactly what she is doing :) Grazie Coach! 

                                                                                                                                       -Constanza Boschetti

Maureen's one of those rare gems - thoroughly professional, extremely knowledgeable, very supportive and easy to get along with. She is an expert in providing fantastic and personalised training sessions every time (which makes all the hard work rewarding in the end). Due to the steady progress, I have become more confident about my running skills, and in fact look forward to my first 16K run this weekend!

-Inge Hermann

It was a chance encounter that I came across the Buggy Fit group. I'd just dropped my son off at school and bumped into a small group of lovely women just starting out on their session. They invited me to join and at the time I thought why not! I started the following week and I'm so glad I did. I'd had gym memberships for years and tried various classes to keep fit but once the novelty had worn off so did my attendance. With Maureen it's completely different and in actual fact quite addictive. I've now increased my training with Maureen to 2-3 times a week and absolutely love it. Maureen is an inspirational women who will give you the confidence and self-belief that you can get fit whatever your starting ability. For me it's made a massive difference to my health that came quite unexpected. Before training with Maureen I suffered for over two years with chronic migraine and took a daily drug to manage this but since training I have dropped the medication as the number of attacks has dramatically reduced. My GP is very happy and so am I.

-Emma Murray


I started training with Maureen 10 months ago. My strength and general fitness have improved greatly during that time. Maureen's sessions are relaxed, fun, and really sociable. I have made some wonderful friends. The level of exercise is pitched to the individual and Maureen adapts exercises to each person’s ability. I can highly recommend Maureen Freelink Personal Training

-Dr C Parkin, Research Fellow

I trained with Maureen in the UK she helped me with diet and training regimes which were always motivating and fun . If she had not moved to the Netherlands I would still be working with her today. Try her, you will love it.

-Donna D'Souza

Maureen is not just a trainer, she does not explain things, she gets next to you encourages you and helps you develop step by step. I am more toned and feel fitter. I have made some wonderful changes.

-Marta Carballal.

Since joining Maureen’s classes I feel fitter stronger and my running techniques have improved. She offers effective training with a personal touch. Highly recommended!

-Harriet Frew.

I have been training with Maureen, through PT sessions and with the Ijburg BuggyFitness group for almost a year, and its honestly changed my life. Maureen is a wonderful trainer , so supportive whilst knowing just how far to push your limits. As well as improving my fitness and getting my weight loss on the right track, it has helped me enormously with my post natal depression and anxiety. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!!

-Lisa Rodick


I started from scratch to run the half marathon. Maureen supported me in a fantastic way. I never felt it was hard work and I finished the race. I recommend her to everybody!

-Gianna Taccone.